Patrick S. Fragel is a highly respected criminal defense attorney. Chosen a “Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorney” due to year of commendable client service. He earned a “Distinguished Rating” for legal and ethical skills from the Martindale-Hubbell peer review system. He was chosen by the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan to conduct prosecutions as second year law student. Upon graduation, he became a full-time Prosecutor and moved on to become a distinguished criminal trial attorney. He has appeared in over 1,000 sentencing hearings during his twenty-five year career. Attorney Fragel’s expertise in misdemeanor and felony sentencings ensures you receive the best outcome possible.

Legal Career as a Michigan Prosecutor

Patrick S. Fragel embarked on his legal career as a Michigan Prosecutor, gaining trial experience in felony and misdemeanor cases. As a prosecutor, he handled cases involving drunk driving, assault, CSC, drugs, larceny and weapons. His trial work led to extensive experience with the Michigan Sentencing Guidelines. He gained valuable insight on prosecution sentencing practices.

Top Criminal Defense

Attorney Fragel is among the best criminal defense attorneys in Michigan.  He has won several hard-fought jury trials to protect his client’s rights.

Attorney Fragel approaches sentence hearings with a firm grasp of the Michigan Sentencing Guidlines.  The Court uses the same guidelines to calculate your sentence. He prepares vigorous objections, and highlights your positive character traits. Knowing your potential sentence helps you evaluate plea bargains. We discover special sentencing programs you may qualify for. Whether you are facing a drunk driving charge, serios drug charge or a murder charge, you receive a detailed analysis of how much jail time you are facing.

Every sentence hearing is unique and requires an individualized strategy tailored to the client’s needs. Attorney Fragel analyzes the client’s prior record, lifestyle needs, and case facts. These attributes are then presented in a written brief that puts the client in the best light possible.

Military Experience

Upon graduating from Michigan State University, Patrick Fragel enlisted in the U.S. Army, Infantry, where, over a 10 year period he complete Airborne school, Officer Candidate School, served in the 3rd Armored Division, Germany, and rose to rank of Captain. Fragel has a good understanding of the sacrifices our veterans have made, and the services available to help them.

Intricacies of Misdemeanor and Felony Sentencing Proceedings

Misdemeanor and felony sentencing proceedings involve numerous factors that can impact the outcome of your case. Attorney Fragel’s in-depth knowledge of these intricacies allows him to navigate the legal landscape effectively. From mitigating factors and sentencing guidelines to the potential for alternative sentencing options, he ensures that his client’s rights are protected and that they receive fair and just treatment throughout the process.