If you are a young person charged with a crime, Youthful Trainee Status is a great program to turn your life around – your charges are dismissed if you succeed on probation! If qualified, you avoid having a criminal conviction placed on your public record. This means that background checks by state licensing agencies, landlords, employers, schools, will show a clean record. Michigan’s Holmes Youthful Trainee Status (HYTA) program applies to felony and misdemeanor charges. Youthful Trainee status involves a challenging term of probation, with a focus on rehabilitation and personal growth. Start your Sentence Evaluation to determine if you qualify. 

HYTA is a privilege. Qualifying people must show the judge they are committed to personal growth and taking responsibility for their actions. In doing so,  you increase your chances of being granted HYTA status.

Qualifying for HYTA

The eligibility requirements are assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you have a prior conviction, you may still qualify. The final determination is made by the sentencing judge. Our sentence analysis looks at your situation and advises if HYTA is a viable option for you.

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