If you have been charged with a sex crime or under investigation, it is important to know the potential prison sentence.  Any type of sex offense results in harsh criminal penalties— incarceration, hefty fines, and registration on the sexual offender registry. Sex crimes have lasting social stigma that disrupts family, social and employment relationships. The mere accusation of a sex crime tarnishes your reputation. 

Michigan Sentencing Attorney provides an exhaustive evaluation to determine your potential sentence, and how to prepare for sentencing day.  There are several step you can start today, than will help deliver a favorable outcome.  Our lead defense lawyer has 25 years experience resolving sex crimes.    

Sex Offender Registration Act

The Michigan SORA imposes a long-term duty to publicly register as a sex offender. In today’s world of fast-moving information, you employer, landlord, school officials, relatives and friends instantly learn of your sex crime conviction.  You do not register unless you are convicted. 

Sentencing Attorneys has mastered the ins-and-outs of the Michigan SORA.  Our Sentence Evaluation examines less serious charges that may shorten the registration period, or eliminate it.  The Romeo and Juliet provision, HYTA [link], and other options can soften the harsh consequence of being a sex offender.  Our lead attorney interviews you and determines what options will best 

Right to Remain Silent

Michigan Sentencing Attorneys counsel clients at early stages of a sex crime investigation. When the police contact you, arrange a sentence evaluation immediately.  Our lead attorney will determine if its in your best interest to speak or to remain silent. If you decide to speak, make sure you have an attorney present.  If you decide to remain silent, your silence cannot be used against you.  

Polygraph Testing

You have a right to sit for a polygraph exam [“lie detector”].  Sounds good, right? The problems is the Michigan State Police administer the test.  Before submitting a police dominated situation, consult with Michigan Sentencing Attorneys.  We offer alternatives that help you decide if the polygraph will help or hurt your cause. This is a significant stage of your case, and must consult with a Michigan Sentencing Attorney. 

Michigan SORA Sentencing Attorneys Can Help

We understand the seriousness of your situation. Get honest, straightforward advice for sentencing day. Our sentencing evaluation provides concise steps to obtain the best possible sentence for your sex crime.  We ensure you walk away with a sound strategy for sentencing day, and offer follow-up video conferences.