Get Your Sentencing Questions Answered with Our Jail and Prison Consulting Services

When facing a criminal conviction and a jail sentence, you need the eye of a seasoned criminal defense lawyer. A sentence evaluation tells you the potential jail time, and the best way to get ready for sentencing day.  Our process involves an extensive video conference where we learn about you, your prior record, the facts of your case, most importantly, your sentencing goal. The jail and prison consulting services includes:

  • Confidential Video interview.
  • Estimated Jail or Prison Time
  • Guidance on Police Interviews
  • Guidance on Polygraph Exams
  • Explaination of Sex Offender Registration
  • Analysis of key facts in your case.
  • Explain plea offers.
  • Match with special sentencing programs.
  • Referrals for counseling or rehabilitation programs.
  • Optional Criminal History Check
  • Additional Video counseling.

You walk away with a clear understanding of the maximum jail time, and a case strategy.

Video Conference: Our video conference gives further guidance on how to connect with resources.  You may schedule a video conference anytime during your case.

Criminal Background Check. This option allows offenders to know the details of any prior police contact.  The prior criminal history is a key consideration in sentencing; a criminal history check ensures it is accurately evaluated.