If you are considering Pat Fragel to represent you, just hire him NOW! You’ll be met with representation that is unmatched. I was facing a 4 year felony, Patrick and Robyn’s efforts/dedication would lead you to believe they were facing that jail time! As we got closer to trial we met and went over every single detail of my case. Patrick’s competitiveness really showed in trial. He worked tirelessly in the days leading up to trial and it paid off. He once said to me that he hates to lose and trust me it shows. He gave me my life and career back and I’ll forever be grateful for him and Robyn.

Response from the owner: Thank you Caleb! Congratulations on the “Not Guilty” verdict.


Patrick’s knowledge of the law and experience in court truly shines through.

His guidance and genuine caring for you and the case is obvious, and will get the best possible results for you. He helped get me through one of the toughest situations I’ve been in my life and I cannot thank him enough for it.


When it came time to deal with the court, he took control. We talked prior to going in and Patrick told me all the possible outcomes that this case could take. He instructed me and told me what we would do at each turn, what we would say and when we would say it. It played out exactly as he laid it out. Patrick made all the right moves at exactly the right times. Watching him navigate us through it was like watching Bobby Fischer dominate a chess game!

My case ended with the BEST possible outcome that I could have ever imagined.

Tom Borawski

Patrick is one of the best attorneys out there. He is very professional, bluntly honest, dependable, has a good sense of humor, gets the job done and exceeds beyond expectations. Well worth every penny. We highly recommend Patrick Fragel for whatever you might need!!!

Alisha White

Patrick took my call even while he was on vacation.   The first time we spoke, he had a calm about him that made a very unsettling time, feel a little better.  He was very kind, professional and we ended up with a very good outcome in court.  Highly recommend.


Will definitely use him again!

I had a 4 yr prison max felony drug charge. Patrick not only got it down to a 1yr misdemeanor charge but got it deferred!! I will totally recommend him and will definitely use him again with any legal issues that I may have in the future.


If you need legal representation call Patrick Fragel. Mr. Fragel’s calm confident demeanor reassured me throughout the process that I was in good hands and that he would help me achieve the best outcome. Mr. Fragel answered my calls and questions every time, and walked me through the process. I was more than thrilled with the service I received, and I am extremely grateful for all of his help. He is well respected within the legal system, knowledgeable about the legal process, and truly cares about his clients. He connected me with the help I needed, related to me on a personal level, and in the end he reassured my trust in our legal system.

Zac Chartrand

Well worth the money! I received a driving on suspended charge. Granted I had some good things already going for me. I been in the process of getting my license reinstated… However, he got my case dismissed!.. I travel for work. Everything was handle via phone or email… Patrick and everyone his office where very professional, polite, respectful and understanding. I would do business with him again!

Richard Massengill

Confident, persistent and he always kept me informed.

Not guilty verdict and I couldn’t be anymore thankful. We went to war and won. Great attorney who I would recommend to anyone I knew in need of one.

Patrick Fragel is an awesome attorney.  I always felt one step ahead of the game. He really gave me what I paid for and is one of the most persistent and personable lawyers I’ve ever had/met. I appreciate all the time and effort he put into my case and it really made me feel confident that he was really down to fight in my defense!


Prompt at responding to any questions or concerns and knows exactly what he is doing!

After facing one of the biggest mistakes of my life I contacted Patrick for legal advice and representation. I called his office and was in contact with Patrick directly within 15 minutes. He is very prompt at responding to any questions or concerns and knows exactly what he is doing! I would recommend him to anyone facing criminal charges.


Patrick is an outstanding lawyer. He doesn’t play no games, and gets straight to the point. He’s blunt and knows what he’s talking about. I’ve had a few lawyers and I only have two favorites and Patrick is one of them!! My boyfriend was looking at four years in prison, and he only got probation! He is smart and wonderful to work with. Definitely recommend him to anyone that needs the job and legal action done!! Thank you Patrick you rock!!! ☺️

Rissa Murphy

Patrick provides an excellent service. Answered every question I had, at anytime even after business hours. I never once felt uncertain. His experience and expertise led my case to the best possible outcome.

Tyler Troup

Mr. Fragel represented my case with ease. He promptly called me back after a long flight. He kindly guided me along with the best recommendations. I followed through with my word of completing my requirements before sentencing. I received a much smaller charges, and fines. NO possibility of my original punishments were in place, probation was dropped down to 3 months instead of 12.  Thank you!

Marissa Schaeffer

Words cannot describe how grateful and appreciative I am of Mr. Fragel and his team. I am a US Immigrant and just when I thought all was over for me, Mr. Fragel put his best foot forward and was able to get me the best outcome possible in my case. He is a very kind, personable and an understanding man. He does a fantastic job at evaluating and analyzing situations in order to put together an outstanding defense.

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Patrick and Robyn were great. If you need an attorney Hire him!! They are well worth the money. They kept in touch with my husband and I through phone and text early or late. Even when he was busy or in meetings he would reply back. The office manager, Robyn, was also very helpful she answered any questions I had. It was very reassuring to know that they are so knowledgeable and worked so hard to help you. They treat you very kindly and with utmost respect. Thank you Patrick and Robyn

Megan Mcfarland

I hired Patrick to help my adult child through a felony charge and subsequently a probation violation. Both potentially carry significant prison time.

Patrick knows the law and just as important, the legal system. He is personally known and respected by the legal community in Traverse City. In our case, the felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and the probation violation charges were dropped completely.  I urge anyone considering legal support to reach out to Patrick directly for a consultation. He’s incredibly responsive and attentive. He’ll tell you like it is and work with you to optimize the outcome in your court case.

Jonathan Downer

Patrick Fragel helped me termendously through a 2 felonies conviction that held a 25yr maximum combined. I walked away with a year probation, 1 felony dropped and an opportunity to have my felony dismissed. Him and Robyn were prompt to help, answered all my questions and kept great communication throughout the case. I live out of state and they worked diligently to help me without making me fly back and forth endless times. Patrick is very knowledgeable as well as an easy to get along with and he clearly cares about his clients and the outcome of the case. I would refer him to anyone in trouble in NW Michigan. He did great.

Vince Heiner

Patrick and Robin were great to work when I was arrested! Patrick used his superior knowledge of the law to have my felony charges dismissed.

Wyatt Willson

Patrick is a great lawyer who does the job he is hired for. He helped my family during a very difficult time and got off a family member without anything left on record. He took my call on a holiday and agreed to meet with me that day within a few hours.  If you are honest and genuine that is what you will get from this man. I have never written a review in my life and I made it a point to go out of my way to write a review for a person who deserves it. Thanks Patrick! My family really appreciates your help.

Sheena Sharma

Patrick did an outstanding job defending me in a DUI case in Gaylord. He came prepared and spent time preparing me for what to expect in court, Patrick also made sure I had all information the court would request to give us the best possible case. The outcome was extremely favorable for me (no jail) (no probation), if you find yourself in a similar situation (DUI) Mr. Fragel should be the attorney you call.

Kraig Brunner

Not Guilty – Drunk Driving 2nd. When other lawyers turned me away, Mr. Fragel did not. Patrick Fragel is a fantastic lawyer and a great person. He stuck by my side throughout 5 months of dealing with the court system. He helped me understand everything along the way. He always followed my wishes and fought very hard on my behalf. He also has wonderful help in his office with Robyn assisting with all urgent needs. I would hire him again in a heart beat. 10/10 would recommend

Christa Reiffers

Patrick is a great lawyer and I highly recommend him!   I’ve been in trouble before and have a record so I was looking at jail time for a probation violation. Patrick was able to get me another chance with probation instead of jail time and then when we went in for sentencing the Judge let me go with no jail time no probation no nothing thanks to Patrick’s hard work. He was very kind, open and honest and was a pleasure to work with.  Thanks for everything Patrick, you rock!!

Melissa Oxford

I was being investigated for something that I had not done. Patrick was highly referred to me by a friend. I read the reviews and seeing that he had experience as prosecutor made the decision that much easier. Not only is he a genius when it comes to the law, he is familiar with the process prosecutors take when building cases. About four weeks after hiring Patrick, he got the case against me dropped. I am forever grateful that Patrick was there to help me through everything. I hope that I never need to hire another attorney but if I do Patrick will be the first person I call.

Steve F.

Patrick Fragel is a 5 star lawyer!!! I went to spend weekend up north and ended up with a drunk driving ticket. It’s not the first or second time I had been in trouble. I was completely panicked and in an INCREDIBLE amount of trouble. I was so freaked out about what I had read on-line about a 3rd drunk driving conviction!! I searched for a lawyer in the area where I was in trouble and found Fragel. I was able to immediately get in contact with him. He treated my case like it was an emergency that needed immediate attention. He dug deep and found a way to get me my life back.  My only advise  is Let him do the job and you will come out with the best scenario you can get.

Megan Osak

After researching lawyers in the area I was pleased to find Patrick. His website said not to wait until Monday and it wasn’t a lie. I called Sunday afternoon and he met with me that evening. After reviewing my case and situation he provided excellent advice, and went to court with me. I have reviewed approximately 350 of his cases, and I must say that if you have an OWI/DUI or any criminal charges, he has an excellent track record for getting the charges dropped down to manageable infractions.

Levi Petrone

Highly recommend Patrick!
After my first offense OWI charge with a very high BAC level, he was able to wrap my pre trial and sentencing up into one court hearing. He worked around the clock the whole day of my pre trial to make it all possible. Getting my OWI dismissed for a careless driving & impeding traffic… in most cases you’re lucky enough to get it lowered to Impaired driving facing probation, license restrictions, etc. I couldn’t believe how great the outcome ended up being, thanks to Patrick!!!
If you ever find yourself needing an educated, confident lawyer- skip wasting time searching and contact Patrick S. Fragel, Attorney at Law. I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding work in my case!!!

Tessa Bauer

Patrick is a great guy, and an excellent lawyer! Honest and fair, and worked hard to get me the best possible outcome. I came to petoskey from 4 hours south and got into some trouble. He was able to get my felony dropped to a misdemeanor, and was able to convince the court to keep me out of jail. I am extremely grateful for his hard work. I haven’t met a better attorney, and I had nothing to go on as I am from out of town. Punctual, Honest, caring, and isn’t intimidated by the court system. Hire Patrick fragel, you wont be disappointed! Emmett county.

Bryan Banks

Hearing 25 years to life for a Criminal Sexual Conduct case is absolutely terrifying..now add on finding an honest lawyer that will fight for you and your innocence without hesitation. We found Patrick by reading the stellar reviews on Google.   Patrick stood his ground and had the interview/confession was thrown out! He used his impeccable knowledge of the law, history of being a prosecuting attorney, his no nonsense attitude to leave the jury with NO CHOICE but to find my fiance’ NOT GUILTY. The reviews we read, and even this one, can’t possibly do his office justice. I honestly don’t believe you could get any better representation. Thank you Patrick and Robyn, for everything. You are both AMAZING!!

Angela Maurus