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When you need to know how much jail time you are facing, Michigan Sentencing Attorneys give you the answer.

25 Years of Experience Preparing Clients for Sentencing Day.

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We put you in the best light for sentencing day. The sentence evaluation shows your potential jail time. Our lead attorney explains how you can earn the best possible sentence. In many cases, clients avoid jail by following our Michigan sentencing guidelines.

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Special Sentencing Options: Our sentence evaluation connects you with programs to reduce charges or obtain a dismissal of charges.

How it Works: The interview evaluates your prior record and the case facts. We give your case a fresh look and advise you on how to prepare for Sentencing. Our Zoom meeting ensures your every question is answered.

Video Conference: A live conference is available to discuss the sentence evaluation with our attorney. The Video Conference gives further guidance on special programs, rehabilitation options, Michigan sentencing guidelines, and the specifics of your criminal case.

Your Sentence Evaluation
Meet with an Accomplished Criminal Defense Lawyer.
State your case. Learn your options.

Be Prepared for Sentencing Day!

Backed By Decades of Legal Experience

Our service is backed by years of criminal defense and Michigan sentencing guideline experience, ensuring you receive an accurate estimate of your potential jail or prison sentence.

A Roadmap for Sentencing Day

Interview with a top criminal defense lawyer. Evaluate plea bargains.
Know your rehabilitation options.
How to qualify for work release.
How to speak to the Judge.

Do You Qualify for a Special Sentencing Option?

Many programs can lead to dismissal of charges or reduced sentence.
– Sobriety Court
– MDOC Boot Camp
– Drug Deferral
– Youthful Trainee Status
– Delay of Sentence
– Veterans Court
Find out today!

Video Conferences

Once you receive your sentence analysis, you can choose video conferences. Our lead attorney provides detailed information on special programs, speaking to the judge, work release and any other issues.
During the video conference we help connect clients with the right treatment.

Straight Answers to Tough Questions

Our Sentence Analysis provides advice to people needing to:
– Get Second Opinion
– Evaluate a plea bargain
– Calculate their Potential Sentence
– Connect with Rehabilitation Options
– Qualify for Special Sentencing Programs
Criminal defendants, their friends and loved ones contact us for straight answers to tough questions.

What to Expect When Facing Jail or Prison

Find out how to keep in touch with your loved one when they face incarceration. How to contact them, get them medication, money and visit.

Get Felony and Misdemeanor Assistance

Whether you’re facing a felony or misdemeanor charge, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. For felonies, we use Michigan Department of Corrections sentencing guidelines, while for misdemeanors, we gather background information and help prepare you for sentencing.

Rehabilitation Options

Our Sentence Evaluation opens a list of rehabilitation resources for alcohol, drugs, anger management and domestic violence. Participation is essential to preparing for sentencing day.

Meet our Lead Attorney

Patrick S. Fragel

  • Former Prosecutor.
  • Successful Criminal Trial Lawyer.
  • We Evaluate Your Case from Both Sides of the Law.
  • Appeared in Over 2,000 criminal sentencings.
  • 25 year experience.

No Case is Too Tough

Patrick S. Fragel is a highly respected and experienced criminal defense attorney. He began his career as a Michigan Prosecutor and moved on to becomez a distinguished criminal defense attorney. He has successfully appeared in over 2,000 sentence hearings during his career.