Assault charges can be dismissed through a Domestic Violence Deferred Prosecution. 

This program takes the case off your public record immediately, and you are responsible for completing a probationary term. The case will not be discovered during background checks by state licensing agencies, landlords, employers, schools, and others. 

Our Sentence Evaluation points you toward counseling that helps remove the “No Contact” order.  You relationships will be restored, and you can enter your home to be with your family. If you finish probation, you avoid a conviction and the charges are dismissed.

Michigan Sentencing Attorney’s service will determine if you qualify for the Deferred Prosecution, and how to show the judge you are a worthy candidate. If granted, your right to carry firearms and travel to Canada will not be taken away. Instead, the record is out of public sight. 

Michigan Sentencing Attorneys understand the importance of protecting your rights and ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome. If you’re facing a domestic assault charge, contact us. Our Sentence Evaluation will show if you qualify,  and how to present your case to the judge. 

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