Sobriety Court

People arrested for second or third offense Operating While Intoxicated by Alcohol or Drugs may qualify for Sobriety Court. Sobriety Court, which began 1999, has a reputation for getting people sober, and preventing further drunk driving charges. Those who survive the first 90 days are eligible for a restricted driver’s license – all suspensions and revocations are set aside. The presiding judge ultimately decides when the restricted license is granted. Participants receive treatment, peer support and court supervision to obtain sobriety and reduce or eliminate jail time.

Our Sentence Evaluation will determine if you qualify for Sobriety Court. We point you toward evaluations and counseling that will increase your chance of qualifying. Most counties have as Sobriety Court team that interview Defendants and decides if they should be admitted. Michigan Sentencing Attorneys prepares you for the interview to increase your chance of admission to Sobriety Court. There “common sense” considerations we brief people on to ensure Sobriety Court is a good fit – even if they qualify.

Veterans Court

Michigan Veterans Court is a program that provides treatment and support to veterans who have been charged with a crime. The program is designed to help veterans overcome the underlying issues that led to their criminal behavior and prevent future criminal activity. Intensive outpatient and inpatient substance abuse and mental heath programs are available, as needed, The goal is rehabilitation, not punishment.
Veteran’s Court services include mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, employment assistance, housing assistance, and legal support. Since all participants are veterans, there is strong camaraderie. The peer support and services can last even after completion of the program. The length of the program is determined by the needs of the veteran.