Sentencing for Assault with a Deadly Weapon Charges in Michigan

Michigan Sentencing Attorneys lead counsel, Patrick Fragel is superbly qualified to prepare clients facing sentencing for assault with a deadly weapon.  We evaluate the facts, the law and your defenses allowing you to make an informed decision.  Our analysis helps you decide whether to take a case to trial or accept a plea bargain.  Our firm lays out the potential sentence for each scenario, including estimated jail, probationary terms, and the impact on your family and career.  If you are charged with assault, contact us for common sense answers to important questions.

  • Resisting and Obstructing a Police Officer: Resisting and Obstructing police, firefighters, medical personnel is a frequent occurence. R&O is a felony. Its punishable by up to two-years in prison. If the assault injured the police officer the maximum penalty is a 4-year prison sentence. If its serious injury,  the maximum penalty jumps 15-years in prison. If the crime caused death, a conviction is punishable by a maximum 20-year prison term.
  • Domestic violence: This is the assault or battery of a spouse, former spouse, dating partner, former dating partner, or someone with whom the offender has a child in common. It is punishable by up to 93 days in jail for the first offense and up to one-year in jail for the second offense, and 5 years for a third offense.
  • Sentencing: Many assault charges are resolved by deferred sentencing. This means that sentencing for assault with a deadly weapon is postponed until the defendant finishes probation.  If successful on probation, the charges will be dismissed. Our experience will put you in the best position to obtain a deferred sentence.